Camille KeyComment

New Orleans: The get away you never knew you needed.

Camille KeyComment
New Orleans:  The get away you never knew you needed.

Last week me and two of my good girl friends took a much needed getaway to the beautiful city of New Orleans, Louisiana. This was not my first time visiting but it was definitely a whole new experience. Many people tend to synonymize Nola with; crazy wild parties, flashers, ghosts, and vampires. And YES if that is what you are looking for this city definitely delivers. But “The Big Easy” has so much more to offer than that. See my list below to witness some of the magic of the city I discovered on my most recent trip.

1. Stay some where luxurious: When taking a trip this is always one of the most grueling decisions. I always want to stay somewhere not only beautiful but very characteristic of the vibe of the city. I was so proud of myself this time :) I chose the Le Pavillon hotel located only a 10 minute walk from the french quarter. This hotel was absolutely perfect for our girls trip. The chandeliers, plush velvet accents, cozy bed, rooftop pool, and the late night PBnJ bar combined made us never want to leave. If visiting Nola I definitely recommend.

2.Live for live music: We got the opportunity to be apart of the 50th Jazz Fest during this visit but there are literally shows of all shapes and sizes every night in New Orleans. From street performances to the late night jam sessions you cannot leave the city with out taking in some kind of show.


3. Play the most glamorous game of Dress- UP ever: Take a short uber ride down to the beautiful Garden district. Here you will find a host of fab boutiques. My favorite find was a Boutique called Century Girl Vintage! With its glamorous decor and even more fabulous clothing this store was more like a mini museum with items that all told a story. Honestly this shop was the highlight of my trip.

4. Take a tour: You can do anything from the traditional bus tour to a midnight cemetery tour here. Ive taken two and lets just say both were adventures.

5. Eat Absolutely EVERYTHING: New orleans is definitely a place that calories do not count. Me and my friends literally scheduled our whole day around what we were going to eat. Before going I made a food checklist and you better believe I did my best to cross everything off! Below is my list of must try dishes in NOLA.

  • Chargrilled oyster- Acme

  • Crawfish- The original french market  

  • Gumbo- The original french market

  • Beignet- Cafe De Monde

  • Po boy- anywhere

  • Praline

  • Jambalaya- The Original French market

  • Etouffee- Acme

  • Bananas foster - Ruby Slipper The Banana’s Foster French toast at changed my life forever

  • BBQ shrimp

  • Muffuletta 

  • Blackened catfish

  • Lobster Mac - Draguns