Camille KeyComment

The Mamizi Woman's Conference

Camille KeyComment
The Mamizi Woman's Conference

As we zoom past the middle of the year and arrive in August, I find it always a great time to recharge and do some personal development.  It’s a time to look up from your everyday tasks and look into your self.  My personal theme for July’s is Pour Into Yourself.  This time last year I went to New York for a styling workshop to hone in a bit on my craft. Investing in things that broaden your skill set or open your mind are always great moves, but especially good when they come during this lull of the year.

This July i Poured Into Myself by attending the 1st annual Mamizi Women’s Conference held right here in Charlotte, NC.  This experience was made possible by my new friends at Wal-Mart and Pride PR.  


This event was focused on women building their own Blue Print in Entrepreneurship, Tech, and Media. Myself along with 4 other Charlotte based bloggers got the unique opportunity to be VIP’s along for this full day of real life inspo. The welcoming environment of the beautiful Kimpton Hotel housed this experience. 



We talked, we ate, we laughed, we networked, but most importantly we learned.  Below are a couple things that I personally took away from my experience.

-       Be Curious. Be Bold. Be Yourself.  

This statement was made by Michelle Belaire, who is the Senior Director of Community Relations for Wal-Mart . . . YES THE WALLY WORLD! Michelle was one of the stand out speakers at the conference. She gave us insight into the unique and advanced strategies that Wal-Mart is using to push its employee’s forward such as the use of Virtual reality and personal shoppers. To see the investment that such a large-scale company is putting into its talent was awesome to see. Though all the information about the company was great the real impact that Michelle made was far greater than stats or facts. Her true impact was her passion. It was undeniable to any one who spoke with her that she loved her job, truly believed in the purpose of her company and was authentically herself. She left us with the fore mentioned statement Be Curious. Be Bold. Be Yourself.  These words have been replaying over and over in my head since the conference because they are so true. The universe responds to the authentically bold.

-       It’s all about your hustle.

After listening to story after story about how these inspiring panelists made their way through entrepreneurship it was evident … HUSTLE. All of the women had different roads traveled but each posed a spirit of a hustler. I especially liked when Panelist Monfia Coffee and Nepherterra Best talked about getting creative and finding different ways to evolve your many hustles as times, locations, and circumstances change.

-       Its okay to need help.

NEWS FLASH you can’t build an empire alone. Gaining knowledge and support from other people is a major key for success. Stacy Cassio stressed the importance of mentorships and taught us how to secure them. I am currently working on finding both people I can help and people that can help me along this entrepreneurship journey. 





Shoes: ASOS Mules

Belt: Super Old skinny tie belt

Bag: Provided by Wal-Mart of course J


Again special thanks to WalMart and Pride PR for having me and As always don't forget to like. share & pin this post :)