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26 Paces in a Field of Dreams:The Narrative

Camille Key4 Comments
26 Paces in a Field of Dreams:The Narrative

You know how people always tell you that life goes by extremely fast? I truly believe that no one really understands the absolute REALNESS of this statement until their 26th birthday! Life is so fast moving that last year feels like yesterday and in a years time not a whole lot has changed in my life. Amongst my new bills and new clothes it seems like newness is a rarity right now ( and you know I always rock the NEW NEW ish lol). I feel like I am currently idle on my journey. That is super scary because at this point in life the daily things that you are questioning are life changing. I find my mind less occupied with my plans for the weekend and more thoughts like what truly makes me happy come to mind. Deep stuff man. This year I think I really learned alot about life, about myself, and about my dreams. And that does count for something. So I am going to chalk this year up to a year of internal growth lol. Year 26 will be a year of Action,  a year of making thoughts into things, and achieving some qualitative goals. Hold me to it ;) & Watch me as I take my 26th step in my field of dreams.  Read some realizations I have found in my YEAR OF GROWTH Below. I'll do 8 because I don't think that anyone will actually read 26 lol (2+6=8)

 8 Honest truths that I have learned this year  

  • You really don't have to go.

I am too old to let my life be ruled by perceived obligation. Go forward, there is really no point in making excuses on why you don't want to do something, Just say no. Don't let FOMO get the best of you. 

  • You honestly don't have to be friends with people you don't like.

There are always going to be people in your life that you don't see eye to eye with. You LITERALLY do not have to hang out with them. Friendships shouldn't be draining they should be fun and supportive! We are not in high school if you don't like me do not pretend to be my friend and talk junk behind my back. You can be friendly without being fake. Which brings me to my next truth!

  • Life will go on.

There are people in your life that you feel like you can't exist without. That's a lie. The only person that you can control is YOU. If someone wants to exit your fabulous life, LET THEM! Holding on only makes it harder. Don't compromise who you are! There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. You keep doing you and maybe one day they will come around. And if not, that's okay too.

  • You can LOVE People from afar.

We are all adults here right? Right! We all have busy lives with work, school, ect. We don't have to literally talk every second of the day to be friends. If some one misses a call or forgets to reply to a text, FORGIVE THEM. There shouldn't be any love lost. Life is too short to be mad at your besties.    

  • Do not be a hater. 

Be happy for other people's accomplishments ESPECIALLY your friends!  I know it gets hard to see everyone on your Facebook feed getting married, having babies, and graduating from their masters programs. But bruh, if that makes you mad it is only a reflection of you :-/. You can literally make things happen for yourself instead of being salty. Accept the timing of your life and if you aren't please with that timing FIX IT. This year I have literally been so happy for other people sometimes people I barely even know lol . And besides if you cant be Happy for your friends who can you be happy for?     

  • Cherish the turn down.

This year I have truly enjoyed the weekends where I have NOTHING TO DO! Plans are sometimes very over rated and alot of the time going out is literally exhausting. I find myself with the thought "Why do we do this to ourselves" most of the time I find myself standing in 6 inch heels and a clingy dress, drinking an over priced drink out on a Saturday night. Refer to bullet point number one "You really don't have to go"! Drinking, sitting on my couch, and arguing  with my roomies over what to watch next on Netflix is all the TURN UP I need most weekends lol.   

  • Like Other People's ish!

I know this is partly because I started my blog this year but seriously, What is wrong with liking and complimenting other people? (in person & in post) I feel like alot of times we see something cute on our IG feed and mentally like it, but since we are not best friends with the person we feel like we can't comment or like. That is just dumb! That is what social media is made for. This year I have really become a LIKE-A-HOLIC and it is really liberating. BTW like this post lol!        

  • Support Everyone!

Go to events. Read/ Comment/ Share Posts. PAY for peoples products/ services (Stop asking for free stuff from your friends business! if you would pay someone else PAY them too). Volunteer to help them.  Not everyone will support you back but some people will. Plus it's good karma!


Don't forget to wish me happy birthday and wait on my birthday visuals shot by the multi talented Joshua Aurelius Galloway! I am super excited about this project :)


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