All Clear Ahead

This is kind of odd to say but I have had an infatuation with clear shoes for a long time now!  In 2010 I stumbled across a pair of perfect Calvin Klein heels in TJ MAXX.  It was love at first sight! I tried to talk myself out of buying them but I knew I would regret it if I didn't. I believe they were around 90 bucks and being the cheap person that I have always been, in combination with my no job having college budget, this was quite a stretch!  But I couldn’t help myself. I’d like to think that here is where I adopted the “If you are going to continue to think about it later BUY IT NOW” philosophy.  Anyway these shoes are kinda busted now but I will NEVER get rid of them!


Anyway since then I have been in shoe love with clear details.  I am forever searching for them online which I’m sure you can imagine turns up some interesting websites lol.  And for the longest only super high end designers like Manolo Blahnik carried them (I don’t have that kinda money …yet lol).

BUT this year all of my shoe dreams have come true! These styles are popping up everywhere and I am tempted to buy every pair.  I noticed that Kim Kay has been wearing a pair for a while but I never knew the designer. Come to find out they are a part of Kayne’s new line for only about $600.00 -__-.

And like I said I don't have that kind of money so here are a couple inexpensive alternatives. here and here.

&& I just purchased a  pair of translucent boots that I cant wait for you guys to see them styled. STAY TUNED!

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