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Pattern on Pattern Play

Camille KeyComment
Pattern on Pattern Play

Just roaming about South End looking for a place to shoot this outfit and saw this cool piece on off of Camden road. 

Dress - 

I love the pattern on this dress! It is obviously a shameless copy cat of the Free People Smooth Talker Tunic that is sold out every where (at $108) . This dress was only $9.23 and definitely does not have the same top quality of its Free People counterpart but at 9.23 I thought why not give it a try? MY Verdict: If you plan to buy a dress to wear a couple times and be done with go for it! Trade a trip to Chipotle an get this pattern popping lol. (full haul later this month :))       

Boots- DSW  

Super old from when I used to work there! They are GUESS but sold out. Find similar here 

Bag- Kate Spade

Gift from Steven :) You can find it here and here  

Hat- Target

I have had this hat for several seasons now but they do still have some stock in stores & only the gray online. 

If you need some more inspiration on these patterned Free People dresses check out my INSPO PAGE

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