All Choked Up

If you knew me as a child you know that I was completely OBSESSED with chokers in the 90's. Obsessed like literally wore one every single day probably from 4th grade to 9th (smh). Ah yes, the AKWARD YEARS!  This picture is the least embarssing one that I could get my mom to dig up believe me they get much MUCH worse but I will spare you guys the horror lol. 

Anyway . . . CHOKERS are back and there better (B.Tiller voice) but I just can't bring myself to wear the old 90's stretch ones (they give me bad flashbacks lol). Luckily there are great updates in suede and metal.   

So thought that I would share a super easy choker D.I.Y. with you guys.

Its so easy I don't even think calling it a D.I.Y is appropriate. Lets just call it me being too cheap to pay retail for something I know I could make. 

I really wanted a skinny metal choker. You would think this would be such an easy task since they are trending everywhere.  I looked all over and couldn't find one in stores. So I bought the largest cheapest hoochie hoops I could  find. I bent them to the shape of my neck and now I have two sets of skinny metal chokers :). Easy as that! 

I have also been seeing tons of suede chokers from thick to thin. I did however see these in the mall at Aldo for about 20 bucks -__- . Twenty dollars for a 1.5 yards of faux suede string? I think not. I went to Joanns fabrics and got one for under 3 dollars :) (p.s. Joanns always has coupons online).    

Wear them front ways, backwards, Mix / match, and layer these necklaces on all kinds of looks. This is a extremely easy and CHEAP update to your spring summer wardrobe. Have fun with it!     

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