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About CAM K.

Ever since I was a small child in a little town in South Carolina that call home, I have lived, breathed, and consumed fashion. When I was five the dress up chest was my haven, at ten my Barbie Dolls were impeccable, and during my awkward tween years… well I tried. I flipped through my grandma’s old issues of Vogue magazine during my time in high school and I would try to emulate each page. In college if my bank account allowed for shoes or a meal, Steve Madden beat out McDonalds every time. So after all my time consuming fashion I think it is time for me to contribute to my passion.  




This website was established on April 1st 2016 in Charlotte North Carolina. This website gives me a place to document all of the outfits I normally waste, share creative things that have worked for me & basically to have a creative outlet. It also is something I can call my own and something that I can use to show you THE WAY fashion makes me feel & and THE WAY the world looks through my eyes.


The Purpose 

Why not now?

I am a 25 year old fashion obsessed, corporate America employed, hard working female. I find myself wondering what the rest of my life entails on a daily basis. I wonder if I had launched this website five years ago would I have been Itsmyrayeraye by now? or could I have been working on the sets of all of my favorite shows and movies by now? or could I be Luxury Law styling my fav starlet muses by now? or could I have been a featured extra on Law and order SVU by now (lol my dream acting role)? I am forever comparing myself to youtube girls and fashion bloggers thinking:

" I could totally do that"

"I would have styled that this way"

"I do what they do on a daily basis"

"what makes them a beauty expert?"

"What makes me different from any of these girls?"   

Then  I read this quote that really put things into perspective for me. It was tweeted by an awesome make up artist Joanna Simpkin last December. 

 Wait a minute. Did she just call me out? That hit me like a ton of bricks! 

The truth is I'm the only one standing in my way. The truth also is, I have valid things to say. The truth also also is, I will never be ItsmyRayeRaye or Law Roach but can be a blossoming blogger, a fashion stylist, set costumer and definitely a featured extra on Law and Order SVU. 

Maybe I would be further along if I had come to this realization & started this journey 5 years ago, but that's life. Hindsight is 20/20 and the present is hazy, but I have promised myself that I will take a stab at my dreams. Not to be cliche but it is now or never.    

This is not a fashion blog. This is my diary, honest and unfiltered (which means in true Cam fashion there are bound to be a ton of typo's and grammatical errors).

Bare with me.  I'm building this website with my own two computer illiterate hands. 

Welcome to The Cam K Way.

Your new destination for Style insight, Trend, and Inspiration.    


A L L   L O V E,